About me

My name is Alanna, I’m a Nutritional Therapist, food blogger and the creator of Pharmfoods.

Food is one of the most powerful drugs of all, I want to help educate you in how it can help to heal, restore and support your body from disease and illness. Food is essential to your mental and physical health so follow me and I’ll show you how easy it can be to eat healthy delicious food that is so simple to make. Read more

Nutritional Therapy

Initial Consultation


This will last for approximately 90 minutes. During this time, together we’ll discuss your goals and come up with a diet and lifestyle plan tailored to suit you.

Follow Up


After your initial consultation it is always recommended to have at least one follow up meeting. I will review how your have managed with your plan, implementing any changes here
Lasts for 1 hour.
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Skype Consultation


An alternative way of having a consultation with me is via Skype. This is a great option if you need that support when you’re travelling or cannot make your appointment in person.

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